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What's with the Boyd Ready 'in trouble' and 'corrupt' postings?

The Hawaii Republican Party has had a very tiny, hostile faction for years, actually since 1994, whose lead man had obtained Party member email lists from a disgruntled former Chair, and who specialized in surreptitiously recording meetings then quoting and criticizing Party officers in blast emails and on website. Anyone who has volunteered and spent any time in leadership has been unfairly criticized by this fellow. I'm one of 'em.

In 2016 the fellow favored my opponent in a County Chair election. The night before he emailed these libelous claims to confuse the delegates. He's never taken them down, and ignored my requests to do so.

'Secret'? No, Party meetings are not secret. Any member can ask for and read the minutes.

'Corrupt'? No. A long-serving volunteer Party officer like myself is not benefitting in any way.

'Voted to sell the building'? No, I actually voted NOT to sell the building. The accuser hoped, at the last minute, to mislead the Oahu League of Republican Women into thinking I was 'selling them out.' I have always defended them.

How do you get someone to take false claims off the internet? Very difficult.

The fellow has no assets so no way to get a settlement even if you win a lawsuit. All we can do is move straight ahead to serve Hawaii and our District.

Want more information? Contact me at for specific facts rebutting any and all of the lies posted about me.

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