1. Get Hawaii back to work safely.

  2. Diversify economy: skilled trades & professions, science and technology, agriculture.

  3. Lower costs for housing, food, medical care, and electricity. Work with Congressman Ed Case to reform Jones Act.

  4. Improve Kamehameha Hwy with paving projects, fixing potholes, and controlling flooding.

  5. Support annual facility upgrades for Kahuku High School & elementary schools.

  6. Balance tourism with residents’ needs and environment.

  7. Protect our environment, reefs, native species, and water quality.

  8. Stop windmill & similar outside-investor projects forced onto our community.

  9. Add disaster shelter space, evacuation routes and signage for tsunami-inundation zones.

  10. Implement Prince Kuhio's vision - homes and land for native Hawaiians.

  11. Improve police training and social services for homeless, mentally ill, & drug abusers.

  12. Implement reforms to make government more accountable and responsive.